ultra marathonman

Great film!


team fmmc

Made the Ft Myer Military Community running team (FMMC) ,I got the call yesterday at lunch time confirming if I was still interested in running with the team at this years Army 10 miler.


race today


team qualifiers

This morning I ran a 10k race on Ft Myer base. The race was a qualifier to run for team Ft Myer at the Army 10miler. I have a good feeling that I made the team, after overall coming in 3rd.



Qualified for recruiting today, I go off to recruiting school Jan 2009 in San diego, not really the job I wanted in the military but sometimes you have to just suck it up, I don't think i'll be re-enlisting again.


10.57 miles

Short 4.45 mile run this morning, my legs felt a little tired maybe from the eliptical workout I did last night, I was considering doing this race tonight at Ft Hunt park (steve thompson/belle haven 8k) as a evening run but the race got cancelled due to thunderstorm.

6.12 mile run this evening with the Nova runners, I ran for a little while with them just to see the route then at the turn around point I took off and ran at my own pace. My body is gettin usta the rough training for next month when I start training for my 3rd full marathon (Marine Corps Marathon), I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon, in order to do that I would have to run the 26.2 mile run in atleast 3:10.


ultramarathon man

quick run before work

Got up this morning at 0530, but didn't get out the door to run until 0550, I ended up running a short 4.19 miles to the Iwo Jima Memorial through Ft Myer base and back. Finally stopped in to Semper fit today and talked about the All Marine Cross Country team in 2009, if the recruiting thing doesn't workout then i'm definetly gonna submit my resume in to join.


short run

Short run this morning with the platoon at 0630, we did a 2 mile indian run with some extra added excersizes at the 1 mile mark, after running with the platoon I wanted to go do a much more faster pace run on my own but I changed my mind and ended up going to the gym and doing a couple leg machines, trying to avoid running in the heat so much.

Twilighter this saturday, i'm really lookin foward to this race and also racing my friend robert, i'm 0-4 against him, lookin to goin 1-4 at the Twilighter.

I wanted to do a evening run but i'm really not feeling to good, all I can think about is running but I have to remember that i'm sick.



Today's morning platoon run at 0600, we ran at the pace of are slowest guy (10 min mile pace). The main part of the run was running up & down the stairs 10 times, on the way back to base we ran individually, my goal was not to run that fast but i ended up running at a cruise pace of 6 min mile. I promised one of the guys that I would be his pacer for his Physical Fitness Test this morning so he could get a good score, it really feels good when people look at me as being in that good of shape (maybe I should become a personal trainer), my goal was to push him to run the 3 miles in 20 minutes but that didn't happend, he ended with 21:10, soon as we crossed the line I caught him when he fell to the ground, even though he didn't get the time he wanted i'm still proud that he pushed himself.


recruiting duty

So I have been selected to be screened for recruiting duty by the Headquarters Marine Corps East Coast Recruiter Screening Team (HRST). I'm debating if I should get out of the Marine Corps, join the Army or either just go ahead and give the recruiting thing a try, I love the Marine Corps but I will not sell it or lie just to get people to join.

chicago distance classic

The Chicago Distance Classic half marathon is next month, I just put in my leave days today, the race is Aug 10th but i'm planning on arriving in Chicago on the 6th because i'm interested in a 5k on the 7th (Elvis is Alive 5k) , hotel undecided yet but I did find a cheap place (Hostelling International Chicago), all of the good ones with good military discounts are like 14 to 20 miles away from where I wanna be, I wanna be in the Grant Park area since its closer to the starting line & the expo wich is at the Hilton, i'm trying not to spend over $1,000 for everything but the hotel I wanna stay in is cuttin it close.