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Ride Wrigley

Ride Wrigley

4 Signs you NEED to change careers

1) You find yourself dreading Monday mornings. Sometime on Sunday night, you begin to dread going back to "that place" and working with "those people." This is a classic symptom of job burnout. If you experience this feeling on a regular basis, it's time to take stock and start considering your alternatives. 

2) You feel stuck and unhappy because you don't see room for advancement or promotion. If you've been in a dead end job where you can't see a space for yourself regarding a promotion or an advancement, you should take stock of your alternatives as the economy improves.

3) You feel that you have no control over your work or your projects. Most of us enjoy our work when we feel that we have some sense of control or efficacy in the workplace. You want and deserve to be given some freedom, and you would appreciate being given some latitude in making day-to-day decisions. If you are being micro-managed, it may be time to make a change.

4) You feel discouraged and put down by your boss or co-workers. One of our basic needs as humans is for a feeling of belonging and feeling appreciated. These feelings cannot be experienced in an atmosphere where your superiors are determined to belittle you or make light of your efforts. If your superiors or co-workers don't appreciate your contributions, it's time to consider a change.

By Kitty Boitnott

Embrace what makes you happy

Embrace what makes you happy! Go run!

Vive Tu Vida

Nacho Mama's at Kathy Osterman Beach aka Hollywood Beach

Embrace things that make you feel positive

Embrace things that make you feel positive. Be absolutely positive. Believe in your capabilities.