Garbage breath!

Not to be mean, but too many students are coming to school with funky breaths! I'm not sure if they aren't brushing their teeth or what, but I tend to get sick breathing in the smell. It is winter, and many people are already getting sick as it is, and then we have to smell the breath of someone that just said the hell with brushing their teeth! How can you not notice that your breath stinks? Too many times I set in the computer lab, and then switch seats due to the person sitting next to me having a nasty smell coming out of their mouth; it's sick! I honestly would rather smelling garbage, than smelling somebodies nasty breath! I'm kind of getting fed up with this, but in order to not be so mean I'm just going to start wearing a mouth cover, so that I don't have to smell or breath it in.

Ten page paper

I seriously need to get started on my psychology paper; its due on the 19th of this month. I know that may seem far out to many, but when you have other classes, and other things going on time goes by fast! I'm writing a 10 page paper on the psychological effects that running has on a person : )

Luckily I got to pick that topic, and it's something that I'm very familiar with or I'd probably be working on it until that last minute. Also, we are at the mid portion of the semester, so things are about to start flying around.