Smores cake

I don't care were you all go,  but you have to leave here; I want peace with my smores cake

Experiences living in Chicago

I got a lot accomplished this past weekend: laundry, good quality workout, studying, and homework, dishes. While studying at Starbucks I had an interesting conversation about mental health, with a student from Adler University. Since moving to Chicago, and going to college I have made many contacts that I will most definitely be using in the future, once I enter the mental health field. I was told that I have a good outlook on how to approach friction in the mental health field: clients not wanting to go through with the process, long hours, and having so many clients to keep track of. I've learned a lot; not just at Harold Washington College alone, but also at my churches also: New Story Church, and Edgewater Presbyterian Church. I'm throwing little bullets at one of my old military buddies about church, and that it's not bad as he thinks it is. Listening to scriptures; looking up scriptures myself, and also my pastors Dory, Rich (New Story Church), and Barbara (Edgewater Presbyterian Church) all get my mind thinking when they talk about scriptures, and life experiences. If you're ever in Chicago check both of those churches out; both are located in the Edgewater neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.