Он хорошо

Хотя езда на поезде сегодня там бездомных парень получил, и просил, если кто-то каких-либо денег, чтобы дать его, так что он может сам еду. Сегодня в этом возрасте, многие из нас не наличные деньги на нас. Я конечно не было каких-либо наличными на меня, но я имел мешок миндаля в моей сумке. Я достиг в моей сумке и передал их бездомным парнем. Он отрицал их и сказал мне "Im очень хорошо! ». Я подумал, вау! На самом деле! Она не может быть хорошей еды, но это еда, и это все, что я должен дать.

Proverbs 21:19

Matthew 5:13-16

Thomas Gouard


Fear of the past

Don't let your fear of the past affect the outlook of your future. Live for what tomorrow has to bring, not what yesterday has taken away.

He's good....

While riding the train today there was a homeless guy that got on, and requested if anyone had any money to give him, so that he can by himself some food. Today in this age, many of us do not carry cash on us. I certainly didn't have any cash on me, but i did have a bag of almonds in my bag. I reached in my bag, and handed them to the homeless guy. He denied them, and told me "Im good!". I thought to myself wow! Really! It may not be a good meal, but it is food, and it is all that i have to give.

CTA Lake

Not myself today

Not feeling like my normal self today. Not really in a mood to be at school today, so I'm going to head out after my mental health class. It took a lot of strength to take notes in class today. I'm really not in the mood to be around anyone today. Words sting at times, and it hurts when its from someone that claims that they love you. At times, I really don't know what it is, and I will probably be isolating myself from a select few people in my life. Sometimes giving someone a second chance, is like giving them another bullet to kill you. I seriously need some space.