The day after Christmas, I woke up and felt like there was no hope in the future. My military career is over with, after 12 years of serving, and my current relationship is almost over with, due to not being able to find a job in the area. The only thing left, is to return home, and hope that everything works out. I will be happy being near family, but overall I won't! At the end of the day, I will still be, and feel alone! As of right now, I'm applying for employment anywhere.


Red flag!

I think my girlfriend misses her ex boyfriend.  Why? She talks about him pretty much everyday, good or bad. Most of the time bad, but lately shes been talking about all of the fun things they did. Im sorry Im not a beach guy, or into hiking alot. They do have alot of great memories, Im sure, but you are with me now. At first, hearing all of the bad things, and her hatred towards seeing him around, and in pictures, gave me the feeling that she'd never go back to him, but as of late, Im very unsure. Is this a problem?


eyes dilated

I got my eyes dilated, this morning. Can't see crap! Everything outside seems blurry. I will survive though ; )

Johnny Manziel shirts find their way to clearance rack

Following Johnny Manziel’s atrocious NFL starting debut against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, it appears this one store has officially stopped buying into the Johnny Football hype.
A photo that was posted on Twitter shows some Manziel shirts already on a clearance rack.
Manziel completed 10-of-18 passes for 80 yards and two interceptions in Cleveland’s disastrous 30-0 loss to the division-leading Bengals.
After trotting out horrendous quarterback after horrendous quarterback throughout the past two-plus decades, Browns fans have to be somewhat worried about Manziel’s performance.
Browns head coach Mike Pettine announced on Monday that Manziel will start the team’s Week 16 game against the Carolina Panthers next week. Hopefully Manziel can improve on what was a horrendous performance against Cincinnati.



Possible job

Found a possible job working on Pearl Harbor/Hickam AFB. It pays $15 per hour. It's a step down in pay, but also a start. Hopefully it works out. I will also be looking to start school soon also, but that will be once I get settled in to what ever job I choose.


Apartment searching on craigslist.....

Found 4 apartments/houses in the Decatur, 5 in Springfield, 7 in Chicago, and 4 in Terre Haute, Indiana. All close to home! Now, all I need to find is a job! Preferably in Chicago! Still searching in Hawai'i, but it's just too expensive, and not a very good place to start a new career. Still trying though. Anyway! Time to tweak up the resume, and start launching it out.


Apartment searching.....

Looking for a place to move in, Peoria, Decatur, Joliet, Naperville, Aurora, Hazel Crest (Illinois), or Terre Haute Indiana. I tried looking for places in the city of Chicago, but not luck. All I could find were apartments in the ghetto. I'm not about to put myself through that. No time for that!


End Of Active Service

No longer wanting to continue the process of re-enlisting in the military. My new EAS (End Of Active Service) date is January 17th. I believe its the best decision, and very happy to leave on a positive note. Even though, I'm very sick to my stomach of how this all came about. Its just sad, that after 12 years, I finally realized that this isn't for me. As for where I'm going, I don't know. It all depends where the good lord takes me. I will be looking for employment in Hawaii, and also Illinois. For everyone that I have met, and worked with, during my 12 years of service, it was a pleasure meeting, and serving with you. I'm looking forward to the future, and also getting to know my family more, after serving for so long in the military.