'Chinatown' run! While running, I run pass a homeless guy, and he says "Run Forrest Run!".



'Family Readiness Officer' just gave me a big box of chocolate pretzels. I plan on sharing it, instead of eating it all by myself. Oh wow! Why is my nose growing?


Morning run

Oh my lord! So I'm running near the 'State Capitol/Iolani Palace' area and see this lady crying near the light post, where I stopped. I asked "Are you ok?" Then she starts talking about her husband, and comes over to me and puckers up her lips, and asks for a kiss. Remember the movie 'Matrix'? I pulled one of those moves. She then opened her eyes, pissed off and says "Your my husband!". At that point I'm like "Ok, wow!". The light changed, and I continued my run.



Save yourself a headache, and drama! Times have changed! Dedicate yourself to fitness, and you will be a much more happier person.

Long distance

What is it with people interested 'long distance' relationships. I have no interest in it, but yet, its all I meet. Get out of here with that crap! I can think of a dozen reasons why, its a waste of time. Move on! Stay the hell away from me!