Voluntary Separations Pay

Just submitted for Voluntary Separations Pay, with the Marine Corps. I served 12 years, and qualified for it. I will be receiving a lump sum of $65,000. I'm happy to be leaving with VSP, and other great benefits. I can't wait to start the pursuit of my new career.


Im looking to join the Ambassador Program, this year. I'm interested. Whether its while in Hawaii, or back at home, I would love to work with Janji. I've bought a few items from their website, also supported them on charity miles, running application.


• Wear/test new Janji apparel and provide feedback on the items.
• Receive a 50% discount code on all online Janji orders.
• Receive a racing singlet to wear at races.
• Post at least two social media entries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
• Post a blog entry on Janji’s website a few times a year on your running and favorite Janji item.
• Reach out to local running stores to sponsor Janji fun runs.
• Have the Janji logo prominently displayed at running and community events.
• Athlete availability for promotional events.