2012 Boston Marathon

‎2012 Boston Marathon is right around the corner. Last year, I was glued to the computer in my office, waiting on Desiree Davila to make history. Can't wait for this years event.

GPS (God's Plan Of Salvage)

I love my GPS,and also hate it. It does get me from point A, to point B, eventually. Not sure what I would do without it, especially not being from most of the places I go to. I love a little travel & adventure, everynow and then butI hate it because it takes me down the worst places, I don't think I programed MLK Blvd in it, so why does it take me down it.

Worn out

It's so hard to have two women in your life, as friends. Everyone wants to be #1 in your life. Trying to make one happy as a friend is never good enough for the other, and leads to emotional breakdowns. It's enough to make you not want to be with a woman period! Not saying that I'm heading toward that route of hating them, but not wanting a dating relationship or marriage. It sucks! But it has come to this, and all of the High School games have worn me out.