kensington 8k

Felt really good before this race, it was pretty much one of my best races in Maryland. I Made my way to the starting line and didn't realize I was missing somethin until the sound of the word GO!. I was missing my timing chip, but it didn't keep me from running the race. Even though I still put out the same way I would have with a chip, my motivation to compete in the racepacket grand prix series of races is pretty much finished. You live and you learn through mistakes...


8.61 miles

Felt really good last night so I decided to do another run. I had the energy to go a little farther but didn't


kensington 8k

Just signed up for the Kensington 8k next week, I figured that I'd run it since its one of the racepacket grand prix series races. I also have another race the next day (National Capital 20miler) but I'm running it more as a training run than a all out race.

parks half marathon

This sunday I ran the Parks Half Marathon in Maryland. The course started in Rockville and ended in Bethesda, from there all the runners caught the metro train back to Rockville. I was looking to set a new PR for the Half Marathon but didn't get it.

joint service color guard

Joint Service Color Guard event December 17th