Hills vs Stairs

I feel more power in my legs, doing hill repeats, more than doing stair repeats. Both are awesome, but hill repeats have my vote as best. If your gonna do the stairs WALK them. Get the feel of it! You're working the same muscles. I have noticed pain, after comparing walking them, and running them. You also don't have to RUN hills, to get a hill workout in. My last race Hibiscus Half Marathon, I trained by walking hills most of the time, but don't get me wrong, I did RUN them also.


Angry people

@ Angry people, that were hurt from relationships and posting about it on facebook, myspace, or any other site: Set up and hug me stand, cause you need a hug. There is hope!. You will be ok, just go for a run. ;-)

The Vitamine Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe, is way better than GNC. Products are priced better. Your membership doesnt expire, so you wont have to pay to get a new one every year. Way more endurance products for us swim, bike, runners. Hello Vitamin Shoppe! You have a new customer!


Farley Simon

The Family Readiness Officer, gave me a awesome compliment. He says "He's going to be the next Farley Simon". GySgt Farley Simon, is a awesome runner and a inductee into the Marine Corps Marathon Hall Of Fame.


Foam Roller

I rolled today, with the foam roller and it felt great. I want to 'flush' out all of the lactic buildup, and prevent any injuries. I missed my monthly massage, so I will be rolling again, up until Kahakuloa Coast Half Marathon.


Kahakuloa Coast Half Marathon

Almost set for 'Kahakuloa Coast Half Marathon'. It's also a relay race, so I'm sure there will be a lot of relay runners. More than individual runners, I'm sure. Soon to be planning a Mt Tantalus run, before trip to Maui.


3rd place overall at Haleiwa 5k

2013 Jamba Juice Banana Man Chase 5k

I ran a 18:30,while wearing this, and had lots of fun. A few of the runners, thought I was a official Jamba Juice Banana, but I wasn't! It's my costume, and I ran with it to put some smiles on runners faces, because there aren't any speedy banana's on course. Took a lot of pictures with kids, and runners after the race. Great time! Would love to do this again : )

2013 Jamba Juice Banana Man Chase 5k