Fall Semester is OVER!

Finally the semester is over with, and I'm looking forward to this break. I will be registering for spring semester next week, and in a debate on which school I will be attending. My current campus is Harold Washington College, but my program which is "Addiction Studies" will be moving to Kennedy King College, in the Fall of 2016. I'm debating on transferring there next semester instead of waiting until Fall 2016. I may just attend Kennedy King College in the Summer of 2016, and go one more semester at Harold Washington College. I will be getting my taste of Kennedy King College on Saturday. Chicago Police Department will be there to put on a presentation, and I'm very interested.

I'm seriously going to catch up on sleep, reading, working out, and selling my things on eBay while on this break. A trip to Louisiana is on my mind also to run "Ole Man River Half Marathon". I would love a trip to Hawaii, but it is a little too expensive.