Uptown Baptist Church

Great service! A while ago, when i moved here from Hawaii, i looked for a church, and seen this church. Driving by it in my vehicle gave me a feel for the area, but reading the yelp reviews, and the seeing huge sign at the top of the church that says "Christ Died For Our Sins" is what attracted me to this church. I live in Edgewater neighborhood, but i do see myself visiting more in the future. I really enjoyed Uptown Baptist Church, and hope to assist with church community events in the future.

As for location, it's located in the heart of Uptown; less than 400 meters from CTA Wilson, and Truman College.

As for the church itself, it is very diverse, friendly, and has great support from the members involved. 

My trip from Edgewater was well worth the visit to Uptown Baptist Church.

Christ died for our sins

Uptown Baptist Church

Uptown Baptist Church

Run, done!

Another lousy run, done; Blah Blah Blah

Ricky Smalling

Watched a few YouTube videos on Ricky, and needless to say I'm very impressed, and looking forward to the start of the Fighting Illini football season. Go Illini!

Why did i get married too?

I really loved this movie; certain parts made my jaw drop, and also borderline in tears. I hope to catch it on television again, or possibly buying it. I love Tyler Perry films.

Captain America: Civil War

Coming soon

Soon as in next year soon; seems so far away.