Current personal records

As of 2014/01/25, these are my current personal records.

400m- (1:03) 600m- (1:39) 800m- (2:24) 1,000- (3:07) 3k- (10:41) 5k- (17:42) 10k- (38:27) 10Mi- (1:04) Half Marathon- (1:23) Marathon- (3:12)
3Mi- (17:23) 5Mi - (30:13) 6Mi - (37:40) 9Mi- (55:35) 15k- (56:34)


Hawai'i Sport Magazines

Since Semper Fit doesnt allow Hawai'i Sport Magazines to be posted in the gym. I post them in areas where Marines, and Sailors normally go. So many that do not know about local triathlons, biathlons, 5k,10k, Half Marathon, and Marathon events in the area.



I fell in love with this brand. I wont race in anything else


I fell in love with skechers brand

Maui Running.com

Maui Running

Danskin Now

Went running in 'Danskin Now' shorts, this morning, that I bought from Walmart. Very comfortable, and a great price. You cant beat a pair of $5 running shorts, so I bought a few pairs. I notice that younger guys give sneers, and stare but women and girls dont mind. They just carry on, with their day. Doesnt really bother me much, wearing them. Its hard nowadays to find running shorts, that arent long like basketball shorts. Im starting to buy my running shorts in the womens section. What is this world coming too?


Current personal records

As of 2014/01/12, these are my current personal records.

5k- 17:42 10k- 38:27 10Mi- 1:04 Half Marathon- 1:23 Marathon- 3:12
3Mi- 17:23 5Mi - 30:13 6Mi - 37:40 15k- 59:25

Triathlon training at Ala Moana Beach

Ron Pate and Thomas Gouard

Thomas Gouard's GL Beads

"Good Luck"

Usain bolt vs Thomas gouard

Bob & Rons 5k


Fraud in Hawaii named Raymond Schreiber

If visiting Hawaii, and looking for a place to stay, watch out for a fraud. There is a fraud, that claims to rent out apartment rooms. He goes by the name of "Raymond Schreiber". I should of known, when I emailed him and never got a response with a phone number of contact. Watch out! I sent money western union, to a Brian Sargeant in Taylorville, Illinois to secure a apartment. Everytime I email Raymond, to set a date to pick up the keys, I never get a response. It is a complete fraud! I was ripped out of  $540, to secure a apartment that im sure doesnt exists.