Love of it

The runners i run with, run for the love of it. Not to, lose weight, fit in a outfit, or have a nice body. Those are just a bonuses. It's more than that!



Okinawa new deal

Out of the 19,000 Marines currently in Okinawa, about 9,000 are leaving. 5,000 going to Guam, 2,700 going to Hawaii, and 2,500 going to Austrailia.


Need a watch ASAP

Broke my watch, and need a new one, like ASAP. When you wear one 24/7, and its gone. Its hard to keep from looking at a empty wrist.


Doors open

I cant even count on both hands, for how many people shut the door in my face, until they find out I'm in the Marine Corps.



'Avengers' is a great movie! I'am officially a fan of 'Black Widow'.


Contract Marriage

Random thought, while getting ready for work. I wonder how many people would be married, if marriage was like a military contract. Married for a few years, then move on to the next, or either extend your marriage, if you want to stay with them longer.