Application for Chicago Police Department

Just submitted my application for Chicago Police Department. Application deadline is January 31st! Being a police officer has always been my dream, since I was a kid. My dream came from watching the movie Robocop, and also seeing cops in the community as a kid. My dream was put on hold while serving in the military, and my desire kind of died due to madness in places like Texas, and Hawaii involving police officers.  Moving back to my home state of  Illinois, and seeing officers that fit the part re-motivated my dream. You can also give an assist to my current college (Harold Washington) for putting the word out about the Chicago Police Department hiring.
I just recently attended a presentation by Chicago Police Department at Kennedy-King College about what their looking for, and the whole process. I knew that they had a physical fitness test (Power Test), but didn't know that it consisted of a 1.5 Mile Run, 1 Minute Sit Up, Sit & Reach, and Maximum Bench Press. Not too worried about it though, because I've been still active considering that I have been out of the military for almost a year now. My only focus would have to be the bench press, because I haven't benched in a while.
I'm looking forward to the call, and well aware that it will put a hold on school, but this has been my dream since I was a kid. I will blog my next steps during these next upcoming weeks, but as for now I will be waiting for the call, and scheduling of the test. The process shouldn't affect my upcoming semester, which starts January 18th.
Happy Holidays!