Kakaako Waterfront

Morning run

Summer Palace Of King Kamehameha III

March 14th

This day will be forever remembered. It was the day that my Commanding Officer, pretty much let me know where I stood at. As far as re-enlisting. I have no desire to stay around, if it doesnt get approvred. 11 years is a long time to serve in the Marines, and just get told all of a sudden, that your re-enlistment,  will not be approved.  This weekend, I looked for possible jobs. Still have plenty of time to look, but want to be ahead, and also knock out college classes. Another good thing is being able to be part of my families lives, once again. It makes me very happy to be in route,  to being part of their lives again. Niece's, Nephew's,  Mom, and Sisters. It makes me very happy.