Smores cake

I don't care were you all go,  but you have to leave here; I want peace with my smores cake

Experiences living in Chicago

I got a lot accomplished this past weekend: laundry, good quality workout, studying, and homework, dishes. While studying at Starbucks I had an interesting conversation about mental health, with a student from Adler University. Since moving to Chicago, and going to college I have made many contacts that I will most definitely be using in the future, once I enter the mental health field. I was told that I have a good outlook on how to approach friction in the mental health field: clients not wanting to go through with the process, long hours, and having so many clients to keep track of. I've learned a lot; not just at Harold Washington College alone, but also at my churches also: New Story Church, and Edgewater Presbyterian Church. I'm throwing little bullets at one of my old military buddies about church, and that it's not bad as he thinks it is. Listening to scriptures; looking up scriptures myself, and also my pastors Dory, Rich (New Story Church), and Barbara (Edgewater Presbyterian Church) all get my mind thinking when they talk about scriptures, and life experiences. If you're ever in Chicago check both of those churches out; both are located in the Edgewater neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.


Nothing has changed!

Got a rowing workout in along with abs, run, and cycling. I haven't stepped on the scale on a while,  but nothing has really changed. I actually thought i got smaller, due to eating less.

Joy lies in the fight

"Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself."- Ghandi

Be the change

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Ghandi


he's just not that into you

Great movie!

Thomas Gouard

WWE - New Day

Woohoo! My New Day "Power of positivity" shirt came in the mail today. Yassss!

A couple of pictures

Why you need more testosterone - Men

Why men need more testosterone.

Skechers performance tights

Purchased these from "Marshalls" for only 16.99! They are womens,  but who cares and will take note of that. I love the huge cell phone size pockets that are on each side; they will definitely come in handy during my workouts. I have a pair of these in black, navy, and hope to get a gray pair in the near future.


Romans 12:21

My television arrived today

Just got my television. I won it back in December, when i purchased a new sprint phone. It's a 32 inch Samsung flat screen, yes!!!!! :)


Mahatma Gandhi

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

Willis Tower

Sears Tower

Don’t underestimate your baby’s ability to read – and mirror – your negative emotions

Don’t underestimate your baby’s ability to read – and mirror – your negative emotions.
When you’re distracted, upset, or depressed, you might think your baby doesn’t notice. But research suggests otherwise.

Studies show that babies – even newborns -- get distressed when their caregivers become emotionally unresponsive (Yoo and Reeb-Sutherland 2013). By 6 months, many babies can distinguish between happy and angry body language (Zeiber et al 2013), and they seem to be very  sensitive to “background" hostility:
Babies exposed to the sights or sounds of angry, bickering adults are more likely to develop abnormal stress response systems (Towe-Goodman et al 2012; Graham et al 2013).
Moreover, a compelling experiment hints that babies can tell when we feel stressed, even when it’s about something that doesn’t concern them. Researchers temporarily separated mothers from their infants and then asked the mothers to perform a public speaking task. Some mothers completed a version of the task that was particularly stressful; others were assigned an easier job.
When the mothers were reunited with the babies, the researchers measured everyone’s stress responses. The results? Infants in the high-stress condition mirrored their mothers’ stress reactivity, paralleling changes in heart rate and showing more anxiety towards other people (Waters et al 2014). The takeaway lesson may be this: Managing your own stress – by seeking social support or other remedies – could make an important difference to your baby’s behavior and well-being.
- See more at: http://www.parentingscience.com/stress-in-babies.html#sthash.N2Ihs82Y.dpuf
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