Look around

Look around, cause the ones that claim to be close friends, could be bashing you and you don't even know it. Welcome to my block list! #DB


I found out who my enemy truly is today. Her true colors came out, during my tour in Hawai'i. I'm just glad that it never went further, before I got stationed here. Take a look around, cause your so called friends could be bashing you, and you don't even realize it.


Memories of Henderson Hall

There use to be a old guy, that hung out at the MCCS Henderson Hall gym, when i was stationed in Virginia. He use to tell me how bad running was, and try to kill my drive to be better. I can never forget those times, lol. Not sure if he worked out, but he sure talked my head off when I showed up. It never brought me down, cause he was very out of shape looking.


Golden Gate Headlands Marathon

Four more days, until Golden Gate Headlands Marathon. Its my 3rd marathon of the year, and 11th total. I never have visited downtown San Francisco, and very eager to take the view in, and run on the kick ass Headlands course. Its gonna be sweet!