Nike Tempo Track Shorts - Michigan St

Purchased these at the Salvation Army. I'm borderline tempted to wear them at Big Ten Network 10k, but it's too bad that I will be supporting Illinois Fighting Illini at the event. I love, and have a huge collection of Nike Tempo Track shorts. Hands down, once of the most comfortable running shorts ever made.

Run To End Homelessness 5k

I Run! To End Homelessness in 2014, and ran it in 2015. Running it again in 2016! What attracted me to this race was their strong desire to help veterans that are homeless. Me being a veteran myself totally supports this events approach to helping veterans in getting back on their feet, because it's a rough transition from military to civilian. 

 The event itself had a huge turnout, with many veterans along the course near the finish. What made my day was seeing the many Marine Corps veterans, which instantly put a smile on my face. 

 This course starts at Douglas Park, and takes you through North Lawndale neighborhood;finishing at Douglas Park. Big shout out to A Safe Haven for putting on a great event, and if you are a veteran or support veterans this is your event. 

I received a award for being in the top 50 to finish, and also for winning 1st place in my age group.

Chatted with a fellow Marine Corps veteran for quite a few minutes, after running the race.

Me, and fellow veteran, and 2016 Mrs. Illinois International (Nicole Zwiercan).

Run To End Homelessness 5k

Run! To End Homelessness 5k