Running Sucks!

While leaving work, on Friday, I was inspired by a tshirt! The guy wearing it had a big belly, and was overweight. The shirt said "Running Sucks!". Anyway, I was inspired to make my own shirt. One that says " Running Rocks! Being lazy to do it SUCKS!"


Personal Records update

As of 2013/08/13, these are my current personal records, that I set this year. I'm changing up my workouts, every few months to get better. I plan on breaking the 10k, and Half Marathon again, before the year ends. My next personal record to break, will be my Full Marathon, personal record. I plan on going after it at Atlanta Marathon or Honolulu Marathon.

5k- 17:42 10k- 38:27 10Mi- 1:04 Half Marathon- 1:26 -------------------------3Mi- 17:23 5Mi - 30:13 6Mi - 37:40 15k- 59:25

Boca Hawai'i Norman Tamanaha 15k

Ran 59:25, for my first every 15k. This picture was took, right when I started my finishing kick into Kapiolani Park.

Honolulu Runners

Waikiki Beach

Boca Hawai'i Norman Tamanaha 15k

Me, Satomi, and Yuko at Norman Tamanaha 15k

NiteRun Booth

Me and Vondi at Boca Hawai'i Tamanaha 15k

Honolulu Runners

Boca Hawai'i Norman Tamanaha 15k


Nike Tempo Track Shorts

Not sure if it was because of the short shorts, but a young girl, was giggling, while riding in a car. I was at a stop light, waiting for it to change, while running. Really doesn't bother me. I actually like the attention. I have got several looks, while wearing my 'Nike Tempo Track' shorts. Their very comfortable. I'm very tempted to get rid of most of the shorts I have, and replace them with these.


2013 Norman Tamanaha 15k

After this slacking week of training ;-) I will get back into it, next week! For "Norman Tamanaha 15k", I want to do my hill repeats on Tantalus. 6 years running, and I never ran a 15k race. I missed this one last year, due to work, so I plan on having a blast B-)