♡ Give to the homeless ♡

Every time I drive my car, and pull up to the light and see a homeless person. I always look down at my pocket, and also at my passenger seat for something to give them. It breaks my heart, when I don't have anything to give. In this age, a lot of us do not carry cash, due to the simple usage of using a credit card. It makes me want to start carrying food, or spare change, to give to every homeless person that I see, because it really breaks my heart to see someone living like that. I always put myself in their shoes, and it id a scary feeling. I would love to be helped, if i were homeless, or needed money to get a meal. Many of us are blessed to have the things we have, and don't even acknowledge it.

Jonah 3:10

I want to run away

Thomas Gouard

Share a Coca-Cola with a MVP

Share a Coca-Cola with a MVP