recruiting duty

So I've made up my mind. I'm gonna give it a try, all I pretty much need to do is extend my contract in the Marine Corps for only 1 more yr, nothing more than that. Sittin around I kept thinkin about alot of things, mainly my future. Even though I really don't wanna do it I have to. Its either this or the military will mess my whole life over for denying orders and I really don't want that, its gonna be a long 2 more yrs.


race this weekend

Abebe Bikila International Peace Half Marathon



Great race tonight, overall I came in 4th place. If only the race would of been longer I would of got that 3rd place spot. My best races seem to be the ones that I run in the evening. Another big race next week on Labor day the Abebe Bikila Half Marathon, it will be my 7th marathon. I'm hoping to set a new pr.


orders to san diego

I just received orders to San Diego for recruiting school. I will be there for 7 weeks. After school I will pretty much head back to Virginia until I recieve orders again for the actual recruiting job.



Back to work for me tomorrow, I have been on leave since Aug 6th.


chicago distance classic

Both of my aunts came out to watch me run the Chicago Distance Classic. I haven't seen either of them in like 9 yrs. I even offered them both to be in my marathon finisher photo. Soon as I arrived to the starting line I almost forgot they were even coming in the first place, until one of the runners got my attention and pointed them out. The race wasn't that bad, my goal was run it in 1hr and 25 min, but the wind at the turn around point permitted me from doing that, so I ended with 1hr and 29 min. After running in this race I realized how blessed some of us are to be able to run at these faster paces like 5min, and 6min miles, especially for a half or full marathon.


race tomorrow

6.11 miles

Got up early this morning and did a 50 minute run on the Lake shore trail. A mile into the run my legs were hurting really bad, but I pushed through the pain, I figured it wasn't gonna last long anyway. Next time I'm gonna save the sprints for another day and not before a big race. The one thing I hate about running along the Lake shore is the bugs! to many bugs, and they're everywhere, its really annoying trying to focus on a run when you have bugs flying in your eyes,and mouth.



Wasn't really in the mood to do anything today. I went to the expo earlier to pick up my bib number, and do a little shopping. After that I pretty much went back to my room and fell asleep. Idk, maybe all that touring around Chicago is catching up with me.


sears tower

5.54 miles

Did a short run after my tour around Chicago today, my feet were so tired after touring so I kept it short. I went to a really nice museum today, spent over 3hrs in this one museum. I wanted to go to the aquarium also but I figured I'd save it for another day since I still have a couple more days here. Earlier I went to watch the Elvis is Alive 5k at Millennium park, I originally came to Chicago so early just to run that race but they changed it to more of a fun run, and decided not to record any of the times. I ended up volunteer instead of watching the race, it was actually fun helping out, I had a really good time.


finally made it

Finally made it to Chicago, the weather is really nice here, good race weather. I wanted to do a run earlier around the downtown area, but ended up going to target to buy a lock for my locker, and some other things, after that I pretty much was in tourist mode. I'm planning on getting up tomorrow and doing a short run. The weather is so nice there's no need to get up early in the morning.

buckingham fountain


7.66 miles

Didn't really get much sleep last night, cause my sleep cycle is jacked up, lately I've been going to sleep around 8pm, and waking up at 1am every night pretty much. I ended up cleaning my room and messing around online. Decided to go on a run around 5am, I ended up bringing my red flasher so I could be visible since it was pretty dark out, I ended up running on the roads cause I couldn't see the path of the trail on base. After finally making it off base I couldn't make up my mind on how long of a run I wanted to run, then finally after a mile out I decided to run across the bridge to the Lincoln Memorial then back to base


11.87 miles

Today my goal was to just to run by time instead of by miles, my goal was to run 1hr and 20 minutes, but I ended up going over 13minutes, a total of 11.87 miles. I ran one of my old and favorite routes from Ft Myer base to Capitol bldg with a little more sites on the way, I was trying to find this monument over in the Jefferson Memorial area but couldn't find it. My evening workout I ended up going to the pool swimming a couple laps, and I also did some pool running.


3.1 miles

Today I was originally gonna start training for my next full marathon (marine corps marathon) but ended up running a 5k (3.1miles) over in belle haven (summer strides). I figure that I might end up doing a run later on or either early Sunday morning, but either way I'm in training for my 2nd marine corps marathon.