Ryan's Light 5k/10k

Took 1st place, this year at Ryan's Light 5k. I ran a 17:43 on this out-and-back course, in Haleiwa. I plan on returning next year, to possibly run the 10k or I may just run the 5k again. Great award also! It means a lot! Looking at the award, years from now, it will put a smile on my face.

2013 Tinman Triathlon

Our relay team "Y-Tri" (Team YMCA), took 1st at Tinman Triathlon.

Me & Tinman

Personal Records "13"

As of 2013/07/28, these are my current personal records, that I set this year. I'm changing up my workouts, every few months to get better. I plan on breaking the 10k, and Half Marathon again, before the year ends. My next personal record to break, will be my Full Marathon, personal record. I plan on going after it at Atlanta Marathon or Honolulu Marathon.
5k- 17:42
10k- 38:27
10Mi- 1:04
Half Marathon- 1:26
3Mi- 17:23
5Mi - 30:13
6Mi - 37:40


Single Guy

When you don't have a women in your life, nobody seems to pay you any mind. When I did things, with a former lady friend, back in Ohio, its like everyone wanted to text and actually look at you. When your single, its like being the towns pest. Nobody cares about you, or wants to be around you. As for women my age. Most have been through where I'm trying to get. They have atleast 2 kids, and have been married, or divorce allready. I'm slowly losing interest in any of that, cause I don't want to add to what they allready have. As a single guy, with no kids, I look at why is a women with 2 or 3 kids single? Its a reason for it. And I don't care to be a part of it to be honest.



Started my 3rd laser hair treatment at 'reneux'. Today I went up a higher level. Never again! Made faces, during my entire treatment. Also made the girl at the front desk laugh, like I always do, lol. Felt so good to be done. I got inside of my car and put my air conditioner on high. A ice bath or ice shower, sounds good right now. I'm fried! Lol



Told the neighbor that I was going to the UH vs USC game. He offered me to tailgate with them, until I said that I would be wearing a USC Trojans shirt ;-)


Dose of negative

Ouch! Just got a dose of negative from a fellow SNCO! Now I know who not to hang around with on the weekend. Very few supporters of running. Very! I guess if I was a drinker or party person, i'd get more supporters.


Chinatown run

Running in Chinatown, I hear feet slapping on the pavement, so I stopped and looked back. Not sure if the guy was homeless or not, but he was running behind me. I gave him the stank eye, when I stopped. Then I smirked, and took off, waving him to catch up. I remind you I was allready at 10 miles. He quit running when I kicked it. Never a dull moment in Hawai'i ;-)

2013 Lake Tahoe Marathon

83 days until Lake Tahoe Marathon. The race director, earned many cool points from me, due to all of the information in email. Helps my planning process. Looking forward to running Lake Tahoe, and visiting Reno, Nevada. # Marathon Maniacs #Maniac 7290


Freedom 5k/10k

Ran the 5k, and came in 2nd overall. I ran a 18:29 on this course. The last time running it, I ran a 18:55. The only difference in my training is I added a lot of stair, and hill workouts. I also completed two track workouts, two weeks prior to this race. Go Honolulu Runners Club!