Ryan's Light 5k/10k

Took 1st place, this year at Ryan's Light 5k. I ran a 17:43 on this out-and-back course, in Haleiwa. I plan on returning next year, to possibly run the 10k or I may just run the 5k again. Great award also! It means a lot! Looking at the award, years from now, it will put a smile on my face.

2013 Tinman Triathlon

Our relay team "Y-Tri" (Team YMCA), took 1st at Tinman Triathlon.

Me & Tinman

Personal Records "13"

As of 2013/07/28, these are my current personal records, that I set this year. I'm changing up my workouts, every few months to get better. I plan on breaking the 10k, and Half Marathon again, before the year ends. My next personal record to break, will be my Full Marathon, personal record. I plan on going after it at Atlanta Marathon or Honolulu Marathon.
5k- 17:42
10k- 38:27
10Mi- 1:04
Half Marathon- 1:26
3Mi- 17:23
5Mi - 30:13
6Mi - 37:40