Happy Hump Day!

We are at the tip of the week, now it is all down hill! I should be knocking out my math assignment, but instead I'm blogging ; )
I'm learning a lot about what drugs, and alcohol does to our brain, in my mental health class. I'm not into drugs, but do have a beer or two every now and then. All of this information kind of makes me think twice about having even a simple beer. The use of any type of substance can activate a neurotransmitter called a 'Dopamine'.

Dopamine also plays a role in addiction, because it is part of the brain's system of motivation. Some drugs stimulate its production, leading to increased levels and a corresponding high. When the drug exits the system, it leaves behind a sense of depression and a slowdown, which can only be remedied by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter again. The brain quickly learns to seek out drugs that will stimulate production, leading to addiction.