No plans on marriage

Until I meet that person that gives me peace, I have no plans in getting married. Every person that I've dated has stressed me out, and basically didn't support me, as far as being happy with career decisions. All I really want, is for someone to support me, even if our paths somehow split up. I have not met that yet. The relationships that I have been in have ended, due to the person stressing me out, because our paths were borderline splitting.

Relationships end!

Relationships end, because there is no communication. There is always the person that has their motive, and that motive is not explained with the other half, and that is why relationships end. Don't be part of someone's motive, because people are not what they may seem. If the communication isn't good, then your relationship will fail.

The difference between me and you!

The difference between me and you is that, I want to see you happy, but you don't want to see me happy. That is why our relationship didnt last.