Today's morning platoon run at 0600, we ran at the pace of are slowest guy (10 min mile pace). The main part of the run was running up & down the stairs 10 times, on the way back to base we ran individually, my goal was not to run that fast but i ended up running at a cruise pace of 6 min mile. I promised one of the guys that I would be his pacer for his Physical Fitness Test this morning so he could get a good score, it really feels good when people look at me as being in that good of shape (maybe I should become a personal trainer), my goal was to push him to run the 3 miles in 20 minutes but that didn't happend, he ended with 21:10, soon as we crossed the line I caught him when he fell to the ground, even though he didn't get the time he wanted i'm still proud that he pushed himself.