Mike Tysons advice for Ronda Rousey

During this interview Mike Tyson said something that really stood out to me. He said that Holly Holm will always be known for beating Ronda Rousey; he also compared that whole scenario to David vs Goliath, which opened my thinking process up.

It is almost like a one hit wonder type of effect, that affects musicians. In situations like this; the one who takes down the undefeated, or takes down the one we thought was unbeatable has to always bring it in their next fight,  because they always seem to never escape that shadow. Back when Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson, which was one of the only fights that Buster Douglas is well known for, also his loss to Evander Holyfield. After that loss, Buster kind of just disappeared, but still remembered to this day as the man who defeated Mike Tyson.

Another example includes Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman. Chris Weidman, will forever be known for being the man that took down Anderson Silva, but the good news about Chris, is he still around fighting! He didn't just win that fight, and then follow up to losing his next few fights, and then later on disappearing.

You kinda see where I'm getting at here? Holly Holm has to beat Meisha Tate, and also establish her dominance in that division or she will seem as a one hit wonder. She does have the tools to do so,  but not all other fighters are going to react like Ronda did! When Ronda fought Holly Holm; it almost seemed as if Ronda was the challenger, but that's a whole new topic.

Advice for Rhonda