CTA Loyola

One of the more cleaner redline stops in Chicago; also safe! I counted a total of four Chicago Police SUV's between CTA Loyola, and "The New 400 Theaters". Maybe there's something i know nothing about. It can't be that bad.

Five Guys

I got my "fat pill" for the weekend! It's safe, because i worked out today, lol. Great fries, and selection of drinks! First time ever eating at Five Guys; i can definitely see myself returning. I was shocked to see a grilled cheese, and blt on the menu; prior to ever coming i thought they only had hamburgers, which made me hesitant on ever going. Thank you, Five Guys!

1,000 blogs, and blogging

Slowly approaching 1,000 blogs! First off, I want to thank all of my readers from the United States, Russia, Portugal, Germany, France, Canada, Poland, Ukraine, Brunei, and United Kingdom. Knowing that you all are reading my posts fuels me to post more, and I will continue to do blogs, and themes directed at you all in the future.

Going ol skool at gAzelle blogspot

Officially down to two more weeks in the semester; during my break I want update the layout of my blog. Back in high school I created my first website, and used javascript. I want to take my blog back old school, and use some of that good ol fashion java! Yasss, it's time to go ol skool at the blogspot. Theme planned is Star Wars; it has been stuck in my head this past week : ) Same blogs, different layout!

Mastery of pragmatics

Mastery of pragmatics allows children to change styles of speech, or linguistic codes, depending on their audience. Each code includes many aspects of language: tone, pronunciations, gestures, sentence length, idioms, vocabulary, and grammar.

Formal code (used in academic contexts), and Informal code (used with friends)

The use of informal or formal could also depend in area, as well as with whomever you are communicating to. One of my personal examples are as a military recruiter. As a military recruiter, we worked out of different schools; each school areas, and locations were different such as social status. Out of the four schools I recruited out of, some were high class; some middle, and some low. In each school I had different approaches with the kids, as wells as different approaches with the staff, and parents. In my higher class schools I had to use a much more formal code, due to higher class students, and having to relate to them. Not using the formal code, and approaching the children, as well as the parents in a informal way they would look down on me, and i wouldn't get much accomplish in that school. In my middle, and lower class schools I had much more of a different approach, and language used. It's like changing faces; in my much more lower class schools, I used different terms or possibly "slang" to relate to that targeted crowd, and staff.

A shorter breakdown, and good comparison of the two would be during a job interview. During a job interview a person would use more of an formal code, compared to a code used with peers. Communicating with peers, one would use an informal code; which is more laid back, and language, and terms used aren't as stressed. During the informal code a person could be themselves, and not have to stress to use correct pronunciations of words.

RUN, done!

Cooked Roast Beef last night; luckily it didn't interfere with this mornings run.