The Roles Have Changed!

Today, women and men have similar roles. Decades ago, men were viewed as the head of the house hold, and the sole providers, that brought home the money to pay the bills. Women had more of a stay at home role, as far as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Keeping the family together, while the man is out working to provide.

In this age women have taken a more dominant role. You’ll see a lot more women taking on both roles, as far as working, paying bills, taking care of the children, and being the sole provider in the household. Their also attending the sporting events also, and some are raising their sons to be men in the process.

Men have also taking different roles also. You’ll see a lot of ’Mr. Moms‘, in this generation. Men that take on the role of being the mother, the stay at home dad, while his wife is working.

. In this generation, men tend to put education off, to find himself, and pursue it later in life, which puts them behind women nowadays. Some men will settle for the great paying job, or a easy route to a career, rather going to college right off the bat, to pursue a higher education.

Being a man myself, I can vouch for that. While coming up on my graduation from high school, my focus was more on having a family, or making more money from my job, at the time. I did have college on my mind, but it wasn’t my main focus.

Many women in this generation pursue education, career, and then starting family. While a woman is pursuing her education, a man is usually working, having his fun finding himself, or not doing anything at all. This puts them ahead of men, while they’re pursuing the education route, when she is already established in life, and wanting to start a family.

As far as marriage wise, there are a lot more woman proposing to men also. While a woman is established, and a man is finding himself, or pursuing a education himself. It prolongs the process of marriage.

Many men would rather propose to a woman, once he is established in life, rather than propose, during his time of finding himself, or pursuing education. It prolongs the marriage process, while her biological lock is ticking. Many men don’t understand, because things move to fast at the time, and it confuses us.

With the way things are going, I do agree that men need to pick it up. We are slacking! Our focus is on the wrong things! I used to work with a civilian named Jerome Morris, while serving in the Marine Corps. He was our Family Readiness Officer, and going to school at Wayland Baptist. He brought this to my attention. If you look at the age differences of women, and men in college today, you’ll see that a majority of men are pursuing education later than women