Difficult times will pass

Life can be hard. It's easy to have a negative mindset during hard times. Stay positive. Trust God & know that difficult times will pass.

A few pictures

I love this Michigan Wolverines long-sleeved shirt. Purchased it from a Salvation Army.

Chicago Marathon

Just entered the lottery for Chicago Marathon again. Next year will be my 4th one. Hope to do 5 total, which will make me a legacy finisher.

True passion

Everytime there is an upcoming major marathon, i always wonder who are our American elites running. Being American myself, it's always a inspiration researching how great our elites are. In my mind they are the only ones that matter, even their finish isn't 1st place. When ever i see our American elites i see greatness, and true passion!

Some samples

Just some samples of the many costumes of Thomas Gouard