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The hidden treasures

I use to be ashamed to shop at thrift stores as a kid, but now as an adult, I could really care less what people think.  Hell, I admit going to them now.  I have found running clothes, jeans, books, leather jackets, kitchen appliances, etc.  I have bought many things that I need personally, that cost a lot of money at stores like Target, K-Mart, Walmart, or even the shopping mall. Depending on your area that you live in; you could find name brand things that are still in good use. 

While trying to rid my apartment of useless things, by selling them on eBay, I picked up on a hobby of buying things from the thrift, and selling them on eBay.  It all started with me selling my running clothes, that I do not use, and selling them on eBay. Then I went to the thrift, and purchased a pair of Triathlon shoes, that sold on eBay.

I make it a point at least to visit the thrift, twice a month to purchase things to sell on eBay.  Many people do not know the value of most of their things, that they drop off at the thrift store or the value of things inside of a thrift store.