Its gone!

I got up this morning, and before I left out for the 'Honolulu Century Ride' I looked at my phone. I was about to post a facebook status, and realized I deleted it.



Just had a baby Gecko, fall on my lap from the ceiling. Must of realized, that i wasnt using Geico insurance. Little critter!!!!


Body by Vi

Body by Vi Challenge | ViSalus - Thomas Gouard http://t.co/GfzTvKY9 -- Thomas Gouard (@ThomasHGouard)



I was told that I'm 'bipolar', when it comes to working out. One minute your hyped to do it, and the other your not. Well, when I'm not hyped, I'm normally tired from doing it.

Bashing another Olympian

I seen the interviews earlier from the 100m hurdle, silver, and bronze medalists. It broke my heart also, that they would put that on tv. If there was any problem it shouldn't have been brought up on tv, especially from Olympians. That wasn't very Olympian like to 'bash' on public tv. I'm a huge fan of Lolo Jones,and would love to see her rebound from all of this madness. God doesn't like ugly!


Your not old

Ok! Hand me some baby powder! Next time i hear a person thats not even twenty yrs old, or in early twenties, call themself old. Im gonna do a powder slap.


Love of it

The runners i run with, run for the love of it. Not to, lose weight, fit in a outfit, or have a nice body. Those are just a bonuses. It's more than that!


Okinawa new deal

Out of the 19,000 Marines currently in Okinawa, about 9,000 are leaving. 5,000 going to Guam, 2,700 going to Hawaii, and 2,500 going to Austrailia.


Need a watch ASAP

Broke my watch, and need a new one, like ASAP. When you wear one 24/7, and its gone. Its hard to keep from looking at a empty wrist.


Doors open

I cant even count on both hands, for how many people shut the door in my face, until they find out I'm in the Marine Corps.



'Avengers' is a great movie! I'am officially a fan of 'Black Widow'.


Contract Marriage

Random thought, while getting ready for work. I wonder how many people would be married, if marriage was like a military contract. Married for a few years, then move on to the next, or either extend your marriage, if you want to stay with them longer.


Hurt Trail Series

I have my 2nd "H.U.R.T. Hawaii" Trail Series race, this weekend "Run with a view". H.U.R.T. races, interest me cause I'm not sure what to expect, it's what keeps me coming back.



"That's a real nasty habit you got there". Ran into another female tobacco chewer.


North Shore Marathon

Like Lebron took his talents to South Beach, and joined the Miami Heat. I'm going to take my Skechers to North Shore, and run the Marathon. (Sorry Ohio, had to do it)


Shin splints

Had a fight with "shin splints", this morning. I always win that battle though, its called running through it, and it eventually goes away.



'Crank' is a crazy movie. Imagine what the world would be like, if we all had to do things to keep are heart rate up, in order to live. Insanity!!!



Not a very good downhill runner, but I am a pretty good uphill. The thought of falling face forward, and rolling downhill, doesn't interest me.


'Skank' seems to be the new style out now a days, its hard to believe fathers let their daughters out dressed like that.


Marine Corps Marathon

Just a heads up, Marine Corps Marathon registration for Active duty is NOW. NOW is the time to get with the program, and Wednesday for others.


I got 'stereotyped' on Friday. I walked up to the counter at the MCX, with the movie Hostel in hand. The guy asks me if I wanted any video games today, I'm like what? video games? oh no! definitely not me. I should've pointed at my run shirt, and shoes and said "This is what I do". Feet to pavement!.


Funeral Detail

Currently on a funeral detail, its a great experience. Its taking me back to my days doing Color Guard in Virginia, but with a lot more planning.


2012 Boston Marathon

‎2012 Boston Marathon is right around the corner. Last year, I was glued to the computer in my office, waiting on Desiree Davila to make history. Can't wait for this years event.

GPS (God's Plan Of Salvage)

I love my GPS,and also hate it. It does get me from point A, to point B, eventually. Not sure what I would do without it, especially not being from most of the places I go to. I love a little travel & adventure, everynow and then butI hate it because it takes me down the worst places, I don't think I programed MLK Blvd in it, so why does it take me down it.

Worn out

It's so hard to have two women in your life, as friends. Everyone wants to be #1 in your life. Trying to make one happy as a friend is never good enough for the other, and leads to emotional breakdowns. It's enough to make you not want to be with a woman period! Not saying that I'm heading toward that route of hating them, but not wanting a dating relationship or marriage. It sucks! But it has come to this, and all of the High School games have worn me out.


Great Aloha Run

Highlight of the GAR (Great Aloha Run), bumping into UFC fighter BJ Penn, 4 minutes before race. I Didn't compete!! I started from the rear with the walkers, joggers, stroller pushers, and made my through. I'm going to do that again before the year ends, and make a count on how many I pass. Sounds like a plan! Dane Rauschenberg, did this for the Baltimore Marathon back in 2008, great stuff!


Birthday gift

Thank you for the Birthday gift! Now if I can go to sleep, and forget that I bought them for myself, I will be in there.

Never again

Looking forward to getting my things tomorrow. Never again will I go off to a place like Hawaii, with my warm weather clothes TMO'd, and have majority cold weather gear.



Running down Mokapu Rd., I hear a police siren, so I stopped. I'm thinking to myself "I can't get another ticket, for speeding". They drove by me, and I continued my run. Phew!

Chariot on fire!

I have only ran on 3 Dirt tracks, in my entire time of running. MCRD San diego, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, and Danville Illinois. Call me a Chariot on fire, cause thats the way I feel when my feet are hitting the dirt. My shoes are in flames, and I'm flying like a bat out of hell around the track.


Adventure Run

Had a great adventure run this morning, I went further out. I kept on procrastinating on when I wanted to turn around. Every mile out, there was some kind of landmark that had my attention so I ran to it. I don't think my Skechers will be around for my first marathon in Hawaii, they're taking good beatings everytime.