Mango Days 5k '14'

Running Mango Days 5k, this weekend. I've wanted to run it in the past, but have always had to work. Every 5k race, that I run on this course is always slightly different. I always look forward to everyone. Ala Moana Beach Park, is one of my favorite stomping grounds, and I'm looking forward to running this race this weekend.

It's Mr Gouard

"It's A Bird ... It's A Plane ...It's Mr Gouard

2014-2015 Fighting Illini schedule (non conference)

No cape or red horns

Jingle Rock Run



Got my upper body workout in. I have been adding rowing to my workouts lately. Fun! I would like to get out on the water, for the real thing.


MCBH Kaneohe Bay Runway 5k

Fraud in Hawaii named Raymond Schreiber

If visiting Hawaii, and looking for a place to stay, watch out for a fraud. There is a fraud, that claims to rent out apartment rooms. He goes by the name of "Raymond Schreiber". I should of known, when I emailed him and never got a response with a phone number of contact. Watch out! I sent money western union, to a Brian Sargeant in Taylorville, Illinois to secure a apartment. Everytime I email Raymond, to set a date to pick up the keys, I never get a response. It is a complete fraud! I was ripped out of $540, to secure a apartment that im sure doesnt exists.

6 Leadership Styles


US Road Running

Nike Running Project

Thomas Gouard

Coconut Chase 8k

Coconut Chase 8k


City Of Refuge


Dead Man's Catwalk



Feeling very depressed today. I really feel like there is nothing left. Im 5 months away from being out of the military, with nothing possible next. You really dont want to know whats on my mind, but I really need to fight certain thoughts, that are in my head. Almost 12 years in the military, and it will all be over just like that.