Hawai'i tour

My Hawai'i tour, will definitely go down as my more depressing times, in the military. I rely on running more than I did at previous duty stations. People don't see it but I struggle everyday. Running keeps my mind off of being older, never married, and with no kids. I want all of that but nowadays its tought to achieve that. Most my age have allready lived everything I want. Some are going on a second round. The thought of not being able to pass on a legacy sucks. I flush it out of my head during every run. I'm just happy that I have something to keep my mind occupied, and one of the main things that bother me, off of my head. You include that, and family are my main reasons for always being on the pavement.


Foam Roller

I love the foam roller


Skechers Gotrail

I started a Skechers Gotrail fund. Donations accepted, lol. Along with me adding $10 a month. Let's hope they order a pair on Marine Corps Base Kaneohe, so I won't have to save much vs buying at Ala Moana Center. 

Night Runner

Logged in another run at 2300, to go along with my run at 0545 ;-) Got a yell, from someone at a bar "Neverstop!", "Keep running!" Funny, but only adding fuel to my motivation.  


Elliptical vs Pavement

When doing elliptical, my stride seems so steady, but my finishing kick isn't the same, compared to doing things on pavement. Felt tired! I've done workouts like it before but now I'm noticing certain things.


From introvert to extrovert

I use to be a introvert, but recruiting duty has transformed me into a extrovert. Very tough duty! Very! Proud of what I gained from it.



The neighbor is down to 114pounds, with a goal of being down to 110pounds. Well on her way of going passed her goal. Tuesdays post, she weighed 117pounds. All you need is the motivation, and you can achieve anything.


Talking with the neighbor, after work. She is now down to weighing 117 pounds, with a goal of being down to 110. 7 more pounds to go! She use to weigh 200 pounds, but dropped weight by eating right, doing stair workouts, and walking alot. Pretty much my motivation to adding stairs to my workouts, and eating certain foods, but I'm not trying to lose weight. I catch her working out, mostly in the mornings, at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Muscular treadmil runner

Seen a muscular guy, running on a treadmil. During his run, he was making all kinds of noises. Once he finished, he was so happy to run a 20:31. So happy, he also didn't wipe the sweat off the machine. Not sure what distance he ran, but I was thinking to myself "That doesn't count, big man!". Try running on the pavement, with no belt, assisting you. ;-)


Nike Tempo Track Shorts

While running down the street, in Chinatown. I got a few cat calls, and a "Hello Sexy", from two girls driving down the street. Felt very good, cause I rarely get that from women. Not sure if it was the shorts, or maybe cause I'm a runner. I had on a pair of white "Nike Tempo Track Shorts". I have bought a few more different colors.


Fuel to my fire

If I received a quarter for how many people said, I wouldn't continue running, I'd be a millionaire. I take it as disrespect, and it only adds fuel to my fire.


One hundred and thirty some back

One hundred and thirty some races back, I fell in love with running. I registered for my first marathon (2007 Marine Corps Marathon), curious to run one after reading a article on Dean Karnazes. At the time, he was doing the fifty marathons in fifty different states, and I figured why not do one, since he is doing fifty. I fell in love with the environment, while training. After my first few races I was addicted, and it also got me away from base (Henderson Hall) Arlington,VA. That's how it all began for me, and still running strong.