If you don't love court, then you shouldn't be getting married!

Seriously, this is the most ridiculous stuff i have ever seen.  Kind of makes you not want to get married period, due to all of this money involved. Talk about an ungrateful ex wife, that seems to want to milk all that she can.

How much more does she need?  The $27,047 monthly alone is enough, and then the 200k for attorney fees! Sheesh! What more! Just seen this story in a YouTube video by DJ Akademiks, and thought to myself wow!  The comments were interesting also, and has many against marriage in this century. DJ Akademiks quoted in the video "If you don't love court,  then you shouldn't be getting married!".

When or if i get married the woman will be very special, and if it takes me years of dating her to see her true side, then so be it!

According to article the ex wife is also sued "Romeo", accusing him of letting his dad use him to hide money from her. Then, to make matters worse she worded her lawsuit to make it sound like her ex husband was tricking his own son.