Pain Is Pain! Not Weakness Leaving The Body!

Many people see celebrities with tattoos, and are instantly sold on getting one. However, getting one can cause problems in the long run, as far as career selection, the appearance of it with age, and they also hurt in the process.

If you are considering getting a tattoo you might want to think about it, and also the location of the tattoo on your body. Another thing to consider also is the meaning of your tattoo.

Many people that get, meaning less tattoos, regret it as the years go by. Tattoos also tend to fade with age, and not look so good with wrinkled skin.

While serving in the Marine Corps, I’ve seen many Marines get tattoos, because it was the thing to do at the time. It gave us that extra bad boy image, that many think of when they hear Marine.

None of us thought about what could possibly happen in the long run, as the years went on.

Having tattoos in certain places will also limit you on special duties in the Marine Corps, as far as Marine Corps Security Guard, Recruiter, and Drill Instructor. I’ve also seen, and heard Marines dealing with the process of getting a tattoo removed, for specific reasons.

The process for removal, can also cost more than the price you paid to get it. And also take several appointments, yet, the outline of the tattoo can still be seen.

The feeling of getting a tattoo, feels like a needle sliding on your skin, or your skin being torn apart. The best way to deal with the pain, is to not look at it period, and focus on something else inside of the room.

Some people are addicted to the pain, and some can’t bare it, but pain is pain! There isn’t nothing fun about going to a tattoo parlor, sitting in a tattoo chair, and getting a needle drilled into your body.

Getting a tattoo can be a positive thing, and truly be a work of art, if you have a meaning for it. Placement of your tattoo in the right place is something to remember also. With the way society is going, and selection standards become higher for certain jobs, keep that in mind. And last but not least, pain is pain! It is certainly not, weakness leaving the body!

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