Kuhio banyan club

My only minor complaint about this place is that there is a club or strip club downstairs called "Playbar Waikiki", with loud music, but not bad enough to send me somewhere else. The hotel itself isn't bad as these other reviews are making it seem.

I was briefed on the lockout policy, and price, if i were to not have my key, and also desk hours, which i had no use for it after i checked in. They give you a key to get in after hours, and simple thing; if you don't have it you get charged, so take it with you, if you are planning to be out late.

The hotel isn't fancy; somethings are outdated, but i honestly didn't care about all of that. I was well aware of it prior to staying here. There is a kitchen inside of the room; it's kind of like a studio, with everything you need already inside: pots, pans, dishwasher, even a stereo! The room has a pullout bed, but i avoided using it on the first night, due to wanting to watch television while i fell asleep, which the tv sits next to the bed vs diagonal from it.

At this hotel you are surrounded by everything you would need to make your trip cheap, and fun, but like i said my only complaint is the club, or it might be a strip club downstairs, but i can't blame Kuhio for that. Kuhio does has Wifi in the hotel, and also issues out things to use at Waikiki beach for free, if requested.

As far as the parking situation, just catch "Speedi Shuttle" from the airport, because you will save in the long run due to parking, and charges at the hotel or around it. If you need to get around Hawaii, catching a cab or shuttle is better than getting multiple parking fees or possible tickets from having a rental car to get around.

Enjoy your stay, and make sure to have that key, if you like to stay out after 10pm.

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