Cricket Hill

As far as i know "Cricket Hill" is one of the few hills; if not the only one in Chicago. Im actually a competitive runner that move here from Hawaii, and use to doing 100 % of my running on hilly terrain. That changed once I moved to Chicago. The incline is nowhere near in comparison to Hawaii's hills, but it's better than nothing. Hills are known as speedwork in disquise, or could also be a runners worst nightmare; depending on how you take it. Once I found this hill I was able to continue the hill workouts that I'm use to doing in Hawaii. Another bonus to "Cricket Hill" is that there is a track near, so you have the option to do speedworkouts on a track as well. I've also seen bikers ride up the hill as part of a hill workout on bike.

I'm reviewing this for what I actually use it for, but some use it as a spot to fly kites, watch the stars or fireworks. I haven't really lived here long enough to see anything else, but once I do see other things I guess I will have to try them.

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