Montrose run route

Clocked 1.85 miles on my new run route at Montrose Harbor.

Great beautiful place to run at! This is also the location of a few of out local races, such Lakefront 10 Mile, 6k For Water, and many more. What i love about this area is the view of Harbor, and boats, with a glimpse of John Hancock Building in further out. Very peaceful area in the mornings, with nothing but the sound of waves hitting the concrete, and fishermen, runner's, and walkers on the path. Montrose Harbor is next to a soccer field, track field, softball field, bird sanctuary,  and Montrose Beach so you can enjoy many other activities other than those on the Harbor.

There is also a bike share, and many places to park. If you park in the right place you will not have to pay, so find parking wisely, because there are places that charge, and places that don't charge. If you're a visitor take note of that, and avoid parking in those areas which are normally gated.


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