Pride North

For my cycling route today, I wanted to ride Lakeview-Boystown route which takes me through Lakeview, Uptown, and back to Edgewater neighborhood. I wanted to ride that route to check out the parade, but figured that it was over by the time I started my ride. I ended up looking "Pride North" up, so I altered my route, and headed up north to CTA Morse. This event was right outside of CTA Morse, so it was easy to find. Easy because I live very close; I'm only a little over a mile away from Rogers Park

Dispense your karma

"Pub 626" in Rogers Park

Didn't have much interaction with anyone;just the guys at the front entrance, which were friendly.  I pretty much stopped in; took pictures, and left to finish my ride. Picked up a pride bracelet, and pin before entering, and ended up wearing it while riding. I would definitely be open to coming to this event while not being on a workout; I seen quite a few interesting restaurants in the area.

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