Today's run

During my run I took a turn, after leaving Berger Park, and headed straight for Loyola University. I got up in time to run, and also see the sunrise at a few of my favorite running places in Edgewater. I've posted many in the past, but these are a few from today. Great view of the sunrise at Lake Michigan. I'm so lucky to live so close to it. 


After my view of sunrise, I got a few loops in around Loyola's track; it's small, but definitely does the job. No complaints here, and it's only a one mile away from my apartment. 

Of course I took several selfies, but I won't annoy you with those. I wore my "Tiki Run" singlet with orange Nike Tempo Shorts; there very comfortable, and I have many different colors.

Random fountain statue on Kenmore in Edgewater; seen while walking my neighborhood. 

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