Dr Henry Howard Holmes

I will be transferring to Kennedy King College in the fall semester of 2016. I go to the post office on a regular basis, and looked up one in the area of my new campus for fall 2016, and little did I know Englewood's post office had some history to it; history by the name of H H Holmes, and a castle that formerly sat where Englewood post office is to this day. In this post office he tortured, killed, and experienced with humans and animals. Sounds very sick, and creepy! I dug up a little information to share in this blog of H H Holmes.

Herman Webster Mudgett, aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, is one of America’s first noted serial murderers. He killed at least 27 women during the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition (e.g., World’s Fair) in Chicago. In addition to murder, Holmes enjoyed performing extreme forms of torture and mutilation on those he lured into traps. He is perhaps best known for what would later be dubbed the Murder Castle, a two-story maze designed by Holmes with numerous trap doors, hidden passages, and torture chambers. Many researchers have been fascinated with peering behind the fa├žade that Dr. Holmes contrived and looking into his formative years for clues to what might have led to his later atrocities. As is often the case with serial murderers, the childhood of Holmes was shaped by physical abuse, difficulties in socializing with peers, and cruelty towards animals.

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Englewood post office

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