Plain and simple

Just plain and simple; these police shootings wouldn't happen if the ones that are getting pulled over would just cooperate. Let the police officer do his job! He or she has a family, and just are doing their job, so why give them problems when you're clearly in the wrong? But yet in your mind you're taking it as though your being picked on? Listen to the officer, and I'm 100% sure that there will be different results. 

Many of these people that are victims are the ones at fault, because from what I've seen in most of the video's; these people are being rebels, and trying to go against the law. Anyone would react the same way; it's not a black or white thing. If I were a cop, and dealt with madness like that I'd fear for my life, and would probably act in the same way. Mouthing off to an officer; resisting arrest, and then playing the victim, once an officer puts you on your face is not cool! We need to get smart here people; it's common sense! Own up to your actions, if you're doing wrong, and our world would be a better place. That same officer that pulled you over may let you off the hook, if you own up to your actions. It's alright to make mistakes; we are all human.

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