Hapalua Half Marathon

This is one of my favorite Half Marathons in Hawaii. It's unique! It is also the most unique out of everyone that I have ever ran. What makes Hapalua Half Marathon a cool run is the chase. I've never participated in the chase, but I'm sure if I would've stayed in Hawaii I could've made the team. The chase puts Hawaii's elite runners against some of the worlds elite, and it's very cool to see the build up. Prior to the chase; these elite runners do a short run with local Hawaii runners; giving them the chance to see that their normal, which is pretty cool.One more last thing that I like about Hapalua Half Marathon, is it's a different course; compared to the many other half's that are ran in Honolulu. This course runs in Honolulu; starting at Waikiki, and taking you through Chinatown to Diamond Head, and finish at Queen Kapiolani Park. It's a super cool Half Marathon, with a super cool finishers medal : )

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