Cal City Mini Half Marathon

Great pre training run in prep for Chicago Marathon. I plan on adding this as part of my training for Chicago Marathon in the future. Calumet City Police did a great job keeping the roads open, and safe for us runners. The course was very well marked, and they had volunteers at every mile marker to guide us runners. For this being a small run, it was put on pretty well, with no hiccups. This race has a 5k as well, if your into just those. Prior to the award ceremony there were raffle awards given out, but I'm sure many didn't realize the raffle number on the bibs prior to the start. Great crowd, plenty of food after, and even beer! This race is super small, so there are plenty of opportunities to win an age group award to go along with your finishers medal.

Enjoy, if you plan on adding this to your future training regime. Cal City Mini is a great event.

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